Calgary Pakhtun Association (CPA) Emergency Fund


The Fund:

1.1         This emergency fund is created under the auspices of Calgary Pakhtun Association (CPA) to assist fund contributors/ fund members of this fund, in times of grave emergency within their immediate families (defined in Section 4.1).


1.2         Membership of the fund would be restricted to Pashtuns residing within the Greater Calgary Area (GCA) or Calgary Metropolitan Region (CMR) as defined in Section 8.1.


1.3         Assistance would be provided to the affected family after the recommendation of Funding Committee and approval by the Approval Committee per rules and guidelines mentioned below.


1.4         The fund would be managed by CPA’s Finance Secretary and would be deposited in a Bank account that is separate from the CPA’s general Bank account. CPA’s three-member Emergency Fund Committee would assist CPA’s Finance Secretary in managing and monitoring the fund.


2)           Contributors/Members:

2.1         Any Pakhtun resident of CMR who regularly contributes a minimum of $10 per month to this fund, regardless of his/her membership in CPA, is considered a contributor to or member of this fund.

2.2         Membership of a person shall be deemed to have terminated if he/she does not contribute for 6 months continuously without any valid reason or moved out of Canada/Calgary.

2.3         No refund shall be available to the person whose membership is terminated or member voluntarily discontinue his or her membership.

2.4         The term “fund member(s)” and “fund contributor(s)” are used interchangeably in this document.

3)           Grave Emergency:

3.1         Death of the contributor/member OR of someone in the immediate family of the contributor/member who is a resident of CMR and the deceased is also a resident of CMR.

4)           Immediate Family:

4.1         For the purpose of this document, immediate family members only include spouse, children and parents of the member of the fund who are residents of CMR.


5)           Assistance

5.1         Assistance to the families facing grave emergency would be rendered in the form of:

  1. Cash assistance of a maximum of $3000 to help with funeral
  2. Additionally, providing prepared/cooked food to the bereaved family for 3 days after the death of an immediate family member for a maximum of 30 people, or number provided by the family.


6)           Approval:

6.1         A two-step approval process would be followed:

  1. a) There would be recommendation from the four members Funding Committee which would consist of two members from common members of CPA (who are not members of CPA BOD) and two members who are members of the CPA BOD.
  2. b) Approval for disbursement would be granted through majority vote by an Approval Committee consisting of four members of the CPA BOD
  3. c) Both the abovementioned committees shall be pre-constituted and their membership shall not overlap.

7)           Validity of reason for non-contribution:

7.1         Validity and legitimacy of reason for contribution to the fund that is non-continuous as defined in Section 2.2 shall be determined and approved by the CPA BOD’s Emergency Fund Committee.

8)           Greater Calgary Area/ Calgary Metropolitan Region

8.1         Greater Calgary Area (GCA) / Calgary Metropolitan Area (CMR) consists of the following localities, cities or towns for the purpose of this document.

  • Airdrie
  • Calgary
  • Chestermere
  • Cochrane
  • Crossfield
  • High river
  • Okotoks


  • This fund would be closed for all kind of disbursement and distributions unless there is sufficient funds in the account.