Calgary Pakhtun Association

The CPA is a non-political, non-religious and not-for-profit organization which aims to provide single platform to all Pakhtuns residing in Calgary. CPA’s mission is to bring Pakhtun Calgarians together and help them enhance and realize their social and human capital. Through different programs and events, we aim to increase awareness of civic and social responsibilities among our community members, promote Pashto language, culture and heritage and assist new immigrants in employment, education, and training.

Message from the President:
It is an honor and privilege to serve as the president of the Calgary Pakhtun Association (CPA). I am humbled and deeply great-full to the membership and board of directors for electing me and providing me with this opportunity.
The CPA is a non-profit, non political, and non-religious membership supported organization registered in Calgary, Alberta. It' s objects is to support Pakhtun community through service and support. It's primary purpose is well-being of Pakhtun's, promote Pashtu language, culture and heritage of Pakhtuns, assist employment, education and training, etc.
Secondary purpose is for humanitarian. With my fellow board members, we are engaged in planning to contemplate our association's future. Our priority are to strength the CPA membership and serve our members and community as best we can.
I welcome all new CPA members to our association and I'm looking forward to working with my board and all of you for the good and well being of Pakhtuns.
Gul Rehman Khan
Our Mission:

Our Mission is to promote the well-being of Calgary Pakhtun's through service and support, and also to aid in humanitarian and relief efforts for Pakhtuns when possible and needed.

Our Objective:
Increase awareness of civic and social responsibilities.
Promote Pashtu language, culture and heritage of Pakhtun's.
Assist employment, education and training.
Organize social-welfare acitivities
Promote Pakhtun kid's education, mentoring etc.
  • Seminar conferences
  • Sports
  • Pashtu language
  • women empowerment
Current Executive Team:

Gul Rehman Khan - President

Tayyeb Ali Shah - Vice President

Masil Khan - General Secretary

Abid Rasheed - Finance Secretary

Saqib Riaz Qureshi - Information Secretary


Amir Jamal

Fazal Subhan

Habir Ur Rehman

Ilyas Muhammed

Muhammed Salim

Board of Directors
  • Chairperson - Dr. Abdul Quddus Qureshi.
  • Director (Awareness & Education) - Amir Jamal, Irshadullah Habil Ur Rehman.
  • Director (Events Committee) - Fazal Subhan, Subhanullah, Hayat Khan.
  • Director (Professional Development) - Muhammad Tariq Khan.
    • Members of Professional Development - Masil Khan, Khalid Qureshi, Dr. Khalid Khan, Habib Ur Rehman.
  • Director (Women Wing) - Saima Shams.
    • Members of Women Wing - Fatima Khan, Azra Noreen.
    • Members of Literary - Irfan Khattak, Saeed Ahmed.
  • Director (Settlement Committee) - Masil Khan, Abid Rasheed.
    • Members of Settlement - Saima Shams, Kamran Bukhari.
  • Director (Pashtu Culture & Language Committee) - Mian Akbar Hayat.
    • Members (Cultural Activities & Promotion of Pashtu Language): Irshad Ullah, Tayyab Ali Shah.
  • Director (Sports Committee) -Fazal Subhan.
  • Director (Legal Affairs) - Atif Ali.
  • Director (Finance)- Abid Rashid.
  • Registration & Membership Committee - Abid Rashid. Ilyas Mohammed, Habib Raham, Saqib Qureshi.
  • Director (Media) - Saqib Qureshi, Sardar Ali.
  • Reconciliation (Jirga) Committee  - Tayyab Ali Shah, Masil Khan, Akbar Hayat, Fazal Subhan, Subhanullah, Habib Ur Rehman.